Master of Science in Medical Physiology

Acronym of Course-

M.Sc.(Medical Physiology)





About the Course-

A Postgraduate degree in Physiology that deals with the science behind the functioning of living beings.





2 years



  • To help students create a career in the field of Physiology
  • To familiarize students with different concepts of the functioning of the human body;
  • To help students acquaint themselves with causes that disturb equilibrium in the human body
  • Help students identify the chemical and physical systems that occur inside a human’s body.



The course is beneficial to know more about the body functions related to the area of expertise. Typically, a physiologist helps diagnose and treat specific ailments or injuries to assist the patient to regain physical independence.The Master degree course serves as a basis for further higher studies in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. for research work.They can go for jobs in research centres and academic institutions; pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.They can have careers in the biomedical industry and in research laboratories.



  • The basic eligibility criterion for pursuing M.Sc. (Physiology) degree is qualifying MBBS/BDS/B.P.T./B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences/Emergency and Trauma Care Technology/Zoology/Nutrition/and other paramedical Courses/Bachelor of Siddha Medical Sciences (BSMS)/Bachelor of Unani Medical Sciences (BUMS)/Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences (BAMS)/Bachelor of Homeopathy Medical Sciences (BHMS) awarded by any recognized University.



  • University of Madras
  • Calcutta University, Kolkata
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
  • Sai Institute of Paramedical and Allied Sciences, Kolkata



Sem I

  • Orientation to the department
  • Choosing the subject of thesis and guide
  • Writing the protocol
  • Recapitulation of undergraduate physiology through attending UG lectures

Sem. II

  • Physiology: theory & practical
  • Thesis work
  • Recapitulation of undergraduate physiology through attending UG lectures

Sem. III

  • Physiology: theory & practical
  • Thesis work

Sem. IV

  • Physiology: theory & practical
  • Submission of thesis


Desired Qualities in the candidate-

  • Basic Knowledge about paramedical subjects
  • Passionate to serve the mankind
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Basic knowledge of computer and its usage



Physiology is a sub-stream of biology dealing with science of keeping humans physically fit.


Areas where Employment opportunities are available-

  • Government Hospitals
  • Rehab Centres
  • Research Labs
  • Medicals Schools or Universities
  • Medical Content Writings


Job Profiles-

  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Technical Assistant
  • Lecturers Reader
  • Physiologist
  • Scientist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
  • lecturer
  • Nursing Tutor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lab Assistant


Average starting salary-

30-35K per month


Future Career Paths after M.Sc.-

  • Medical Practice
  • Research
  • Teaching line
  • M.Phil.
  • P.hD.